Us supporting your significant and complex negotiations guarantees maximum success

>> We are consultants and coaches for applying game theory to negotiations <<

Who we are

From experience we know: Success in negotiations can be planned and trained. After all, complex procurement and negotiation processes cannot be won by intuition and good will alone. For our clients we are forerunners - we replace gut feelings with solid rules, we give structure to procedures and we apply forward and backward induction to thoroughly think through each and every of your options and the subsequent result. Our customers learn to direct negotiations in their preferred direction. This is not only smart, but also highly economical.

What sets us apart

We are a specialised management consultancy for game theoretically optimized negotiations. We are world class experts in implementing this method. Our work is future-oriented, our know-how as pioneers in procurement has grown historically. As part of the Kerkhoff Group we are experienced and quick-witted, flexible due to our boutique character and ready to address every specific challenge our customer faces. Backed by game-theoretical expertise, we identify the right lever to achieve the greatest possible benefit.

Our specialities

Our promise to our customers is simple: By applying game-theoretical optimized awardings you will achieve the best possible prices. Even without sweaty hands and grey hair. You will break free from emotion-led situations and assert your interests at the critical moment.

Negotiations are complex - not at least because of the diversity of the procurement goods. We illustrate this multilevel complexity of negotiations and do not leave any stones unturned. Your advantage: This will enable you to achieve the best possible negotiation result.

The most important thing is: We achieve this success by cooperating with you. We provide you with a tool that delivers the strongest results. You no longer have to rely on your gut feeling and do not have to make opaque compromises. Your organizational needs, from operations, to quality management and engineering will be fully addressed.

We offer

  • Game theory negotiation for direct and competitive negotiations at the highest level
  • Coaching and training of state-of-the-art negotiation techniques
  • Best results by cutting-edge negotiation techniques
  • Compliance certainty for awards and negotiations
  • Methodical approaches that are integrated into your organisation in a sustainable way

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