Kerkhoff Negotiations

Who we are

Kerkhoff Negotiations is the leading negotiation consultancy in Europe. We accompany you in the systematic preparation and execution of your most important negotiations. In addition, we support you in strengthening the negotiation expertise in your company.

We are problem solvers

You are in a deadlocked negotiation situation with your most important supplier.

An investment critical to the success of your company is pending and you want to make sure that you choose the right partner.

You have been invited to a major contract award that you cannot afford to lose. But at the same time you want to optimize your margin.

In your ongoing collective bargaining there seems to be no way out and it all boils down to a strike.- You are in patent disputes with a competitor and therefore cannot launch your latest product.

You are entangled in a patent dispute with a competitor and this stops you from releasing your new product to the market.

Your company has fallen victim to cybercrime and you need to prevent your data from being lost and company secrets from being leaked, but you don't want to respond to the demands of the hackers.

These are exactly the problems we deal with every day and work out the optimal solutions for our customers.

Through our cross-industry experience, we bring "out-of-the-box" strategies into your company and give you a new perspective on your negotiations.

Our hand-picked experts have already proven the added value of our methodology in hundreds of projects and have supported companies through training and coaching to internalize this knowledge.

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