Corporate areas of application

We all negotiate professionally and privately on a daily basis. Excellent negotiation management pays off especially in the various business areas. Negotiations provide a decisive added value when it comes to achieving annual savings targets, mastering collective bargaining, resolving patent disputes, increasing sales and profits or developing suitable market strategies vis-à-vis the competition. Top-level negotiations in all business areas unite the fact that they require perfect preparation. It is important to understand and assess the other side correctly and increase negotiating power. A suitable negotiation strategy makes it possible to win the negotiation and achieve the best possible results.


We support you in your difficult and complex top awards. Be it in direct demand such as production material, indirect procurement or the procurement of capital goods (capex). We help you to correctly assess and increase supplier competition, to establish genuine comparability on a Total-value-of-ownership (TVO) basis and thus to decide on the basis of the best price-performance ratio. Whether it is development, quality, marketing and sales, finance or logistics, all relevant business areas are brought on board. This helps to broaden points of view and to avoid solo runs and hasty supplier decisions. The suppliers of our customers often describe the process as "hard but fair", because there is a high price pressure but at the same time a high degree of commitment and transparency about how the decision is made.


We know both sides of the negotiating table in awardings and can thus support sales in important acquisitions - be it in defending the existing business and parry tenders or in winning awardings with the highest possible margin. Ideally, we help to avoid competition and secure business at an early stage. If it is no longer possible to avoid a competitive awarding, it is necessary to challenge the negotiation rules of the procurement and influence the rules to one's own advantage. Finally, we help you to identify the underlying negotiation mechanism and to choose the correct bidding strategy. It makes a huge difference for the right bidding behavior whether you take part for example in an English or a Dutch Auction, or submit sealed bids. In addition to advising on individual single awardings, we also help to train sales staff and develop an overarching pricing strategy.

Corporate strategy

The right corporate strategy improves the competitive situation, optimizes market shares and turnover, and maximizes long-term profit and corporate success. The scientific discipline of Game Theory illuminates the strategic interaction of agents and entire companies. This leads to surprising insights and delivers real added value in the alignment of your company vis-à-vis your competitors, suppliers, customers and cooperation partners. With our Game Theory perspective we help you to develop new "out-of-the-box" strategies and to secure and maximize the long-term success of your company.

M & A

Mergers and acquisitions, i.e. the purchase, sale and merger of companies, are absolute top negotiations involving millions or billions of euros. In contrast to many other negotiations, they have a strong one-off character and are not "business as usual". A company valuation that is as accurate as possible is an indispensable basis, but does not relieve you of price negotiations. Whether carve out in the industry, private equity or startup exit - with our expertise we systematically help you to develop an ideal negotiation strategy and thus maximize the sales revenues or minimize the purchase price.

Human Resources

There's a lot at stake in personnel negotiations. Salary negotiations at management level and in collective bargaining with employee representatives such as trade unions have a serious impact on wage costs. In addition, the working atmosphere or - in the event of a strike - the performance of your company can be jeopardized. In addition to salaries, many other parameters have to be negotiated. With our negotiation experience, we support you in monetarizing all aspects relevant to decision-making. This enables your company to master the complexity of the negotiation. With a tailor-made negotiation strategy, we help you to achieve the best possible agreements.

Intellectual Property

Pending disputes over intellectual property such as the use of trademark rights or the infringement of patents endanger the course of business and can lead to significant compensation claims. It is up to the parties to negotiate an agreement and settle the dispute or to take expensive legal action until the end. Our negotiation experts support you in understanding the motives of your counterpart. Is the other party interested in a quick agreement? Which dependencies are existing? How can you achieve the best possible compensation as a result of negotiations? We will examine all possible scenarios with you and evaluate them. On this basis, we work out a suitable negotiation strategy and support you in its implementation.

Public tenders

In addition to regular price negotiations on the side of procurement and sales, we also support companies in tenders under public procurement law. High awarding volumes and the common practice of disputing awarding decisions increase the requirements placed on companies under public procurement law. The necessity of early publication of tender documents requires excellent preparation and anticipation. In addition, the principles of public procurement law, such as the requirement for transparency, the principle of equal treatment or the requirement to award contracts by lots (to support smaller potential suppliers), have serious effects on permitted negotiation strategies. We support public procurement companies in the implementation of their tenders. With a tailor-made awarding design, we achieve the best possible economic result while at the same time ensuring legal certainty. Private companies participating in a tender we support in the development of their bidding strategy. In addition, we identify the weak points of a tender process. It goes without saying that we advise only one of the parties in each tender. 

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