The Kerkhoff Negotiations Academy offers negotiation trainings for your company

Get trained as a professional negotiator at the Kerkhoff Negotiations Academy - with tailor-made modules for all negotiation situations. We will help your company to build and expand its negotiation knowledge, from the basics to a Center of Competence for negotiation management. 

Your partner for the development of negotiation competence

Dynamic curriculum to meet the needs of your company

► Our curriculum is composed of both standardized – our three negotiation training modules – and customized elements in order to best address the needs of your company

 Through close dialogue with our clients, we assess their goals and needs and design a tailor-made offering that takes into account:

            ► Required training elements

            ► Customized content & curriculum

            ► Heterogeneity in participant’s current skillset

            ► Preferred training channels (face-to-face, online, etc.) & methods

Certification: we offer certification for our three standard negotiation training modules

Our methods:

► Case studies: real success stories and complex cases are presented and analyzed

► Video-training: test negotiations in front of the camera effectively improve your negotiation skills

 Simulations: exercises help you identify your own negotiation style and put yourself in the shoes of your counterpart

► Gamification: playful elements motivate and ensure long-lasting learning effects

► Individual study: flexible modules allow content to be learned at a personalized pace

Our training formats: we offer our three standard negotiation training modules in a face-to-face format both as inhouse training at our client’s site as well as in our “Open Training” format.

The "Open Training" format allows strategic purchasers and other negotiators from different companies to come together in one training. Therefore, in addition to transmitting the content of the training to participants, the format also enables participants to engage in cross-company exchange with regard to negotiations. In order for this exchange to be of the highest quality and valuable for all sides, we always offer our trainings only to a preselected circle of clients. Our open trainings take place in our Mannheim office and are offered in both German and English.

KN Academy modules: your journey to negotiation excellence

1. Negotiation Basics

This basic training is aimed at employees in purchasing, sales and other functions where negotiation skills are required. Participants learn to prepare negotiations in a structured way and to develop negotiation scripts. Different negotiation styles and role allocations are discussed and tested in practical negotiation experiments. By means of video trainings the individual negotiation technique is analyzed and concrete possibilities for optimization are shown.

2. Difficult Negotiations

The negotiation training "Difficult negotiations" is aimed at experienced and ambitious negotiators. As the name suggests, the focus is on particularly difficult negotiation situations in bilateral negotiations. The participants learn, for example, techniques to negotiate with monopolists, to ward off price increases, to manage negative emotions and complaints and to get hard messages across.

3. Game and Auction Theory in Negotiations

Our training on game and auction theory helps you to get the most out of your negotiations. Numerous Nobel Prizes and the successful application of game theory in the best purchasing and sales organizations prove its high relevance.

For buyers: Learn to systematically maximize competition, establish comparability and develop rule-based negotiations such as auctions. You will learn to structure negotiations like a tournament in which you are not a participant but a referee. This enables you to achieve unexpected results.

For sales people: Learn best practices for the approach to game-theoretical negotiations. You develop your strategic thinking skills and learn how to derive and interpret information based on the choice of negotiation design.

4. Center of Competence

The most successful companies have internalized negotiation knowledge and built their own departments for negotiation excellence based on game, auction and negotiation theory. This makes you independent of external consultants and systematically bundles negotiation competence in your own company. Our employees have many years of experience in establishing centers of competence in industrial companies. We are happy to support you as coaches in the sense of train-the-trainer and pass on our knowledge to you.

Why a Center of Competence?

 Processes & methods: independent project implementation & savings

 Knowledge & Competence: Driver of change and multiplier

 Organization & anchoring: Building up internal consulting competence

Our support:

 Knowledge & Expertise: We train your experts and support you in developing customized methods and tools for your organization. We share our knowledge and experience and enable a sustainable knowledge build-up.

 Governance: Together with you we design a CoC embedded in your organization.

           Objective: Content and scope of the enablement

           Definition of interface to other major negotiations in the group (e.g. M&A, HR, sales)

           Organizational structure and integration into the overall organization (e.g. direct line to CPO)

           Responsibilities, roles, accountabilities and competencies

           Escalation routines within the organization

 Trainer Management: Together with you we plan the optimal use of human resources.

           What is the best distribution between internal and external resources?

           Which train-the-trainer concept can be used in different business units/regions, etc.?

           Who can be developed from the internal teams for the role of a trainer?

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