Multilateral Negotiations

In negotiation situations with multiple possible alternatives, we put them into competition. Based on the market and the competitive situation, we define negotiation packages and bundles that are as attractive as possible and generate maximum competitive pressure. We also make sure that different negotiating partners and offers are comparable and that all customer preferences are properly incorporated into the decision making. With the help of scientific findings from Game and Auction Theory as well as Mechanism Design, we design competitive negotiations that make it possible to achieve the best results in terms of price-performance. In communication sessions the binding rules of the game are explained in a transparent manner. In the negotiations, alternatives are placed in a hard but fair competition.

Selected instruments used in competitive negotiations are:

Competition matrix: Creation of a "strategic map" of competition as a basis for the definition of suitable negotiation packages and bundles.

Monetary evaluation (bonus/malus): All decision-relevant criteria are evaluated and monetarized cross-functionally for each alternative. This makes it possible to negotiate in a Comparison Price which makes competition fairer and more fierce.

Communication sessions: The process with its binding rules is explained transparently. Everyone knows when and how to win the competition.

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