How we achieve the best possible result for you in every negotiation

Maximum success in negotiations has nothing to do with gut feeling. We help you to replace your intuition with solid rules and to shape your negotiation process without emotions.

The key lies in preparation. The first step is to illuminate the object of negotiation economically. What are the special features of the items under negotiation, how many potential suppliers are available, what are the market characteristics? Are there any customer restrictions and how can possible negotiation packages be cut?

On the basis of this analysis we fundamentally differentiate between 3 negotiation situations:

  • Competitive negotiations with many alternatives
  • Individual negotiations with few potential alternatives
  • Monopoly negotiations

We then, together with all relevant stakeholders, evaluate quantitative and qualitative factors that are relevant for decision-making. Based on this, we calculate a negotiation price that includes all these factors. This way, an apple-apple-comparison is created from an apple-orange-comparison, which is fair for all different negotiating partners and at the same time maximizes one's own price sensitivity.

By analyzing and defining all possible scenarios in advance (including worst cases), we ensure a cross-functional understanding of the potential negotiation results. Based on the competitive conditions of the supplier market, we find the best negotiation method.

On the basis of the derived negotiation method, we propose concrete rules for the forthcoming negotiation. These rules are agreed in advance with all internal decision-makers and lead to a binding approval.

In a competitive negotiation, the rules of the game are transparently explained to all negotiating partners, negotiation premises are agreed and the commitment of the other side is also demanded.

After this systematic preparation, the actual negotiations are conducted. It is clear to everyone: there are no additional agreements, no renegotiations and all parties accept the results in the end. A fair, transparent and goal-oriented negotiation process.

Transparency, commitment and a consistent conduct of negotiations are decisive for the success of a negotiation. Applying the Kerkhoff System of Negotiations we find the optimal approach for every situation.

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