Negotiation situations

Typical challenges in negotiations of companies

You are facing the most important negotiation of the year and face some of the problems listed below?

How do I negotiate better?

How do I achieve more in negotiations?

How can I prepare for a difficult negotiation?

How do I implement auctions?

How do I apply Game Theory to price negotiations?

How do I achieve my procurement/sales goals?

How can I bring a breath of fresh air into an annual price negotiation?

How can I fend off demands for price increases from the supplier?

How can I fend off demands for price reductions from the customer?

How do I know that someone is not pulling a fast one on me?

How do I avoid being put under pressure?

How can I break a cartel?

How can I make better use of existing competition?

How do I build up competition?

How do I find innovative and creative negotiation techniques?

How do I negotiate systematically instead of by individual skill or chance?

How do I avoid negotiations and price competition?

How can I build up more pressure in negotiations?

How can I improve my strategic procurement or my key account managers?

How do I build up negotiation skills internally?

The Kerkhoff System of Negotiations

To these 20 "how" questions and many more, we have one answer: The Kerkhoff System of Negotiations. Our structured approach has proven itself in hundreds of projects and provides the individually correct answer for every negotiation challenge.

Negotiation situations

  • Competitive negotiations with many alternatives
  • Individual negotiations with few potential alternatives
  • Monopoly negotiations

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