Negotiation trainings

The Kerkhoff Negotiations Academy offers negotiation trainings for your company

Get trained as a professional negotiator at the Kerkhoff Negotiations Academy - with tailor-made modules for all negotiation situations. We help your company develop and expand negotiation knowledge, from the basics to a Center of Competence for negotiation conduct.

1. Basic Negotiation Training

This basic training is aimed at employees in procurement, sales and other positions where negotiation skills are required. Participants learn to prepare negotiations in a structured manner. Different negotiating styles and division of roles are dealt with and tested in practical negotiation experiments.

2. Advanced Negotiation Training

The negotiation training for advanced negotiators is seamlessly built on the content of the basic negotiation trainings and can also be carried out directly afterwards as part of a combined training. Participants learn to develop negotiation scripts in preparation for negotiations and to master difficult negotiation situations. The individual technique is analyzed by means of video trainings and concrete optimization possibilities are shown.

3. Negotiation Training for professionals

Negotiation training for professionals aims at experienced and ambitious negotiators. The focus is on particularly difficult negotiation situations in bilateral negotiations. For example, participants learn techniques to negotiate with monopolists, fend off price increases, manage negative emotions and complaints, and deliver harsh messages.

4. Training on Game and Auction Theory

Our training on Game and Auction Theory will help you get the most out of your negotiations. Numerous Nobel Prizes and the successful application of Game Theory in the best procurement and sales organizations prove its high relevance. Learn to systematically maximize competition, establish comparability and develop rule-based negotiations such as auctions. You learn to design negotiations like a tournament in which you are not a participant but the referee. This allows you to achieve unimagined results.

5. Center of Competence

The most successful companies have internalized negotiation knowledge and built up their own departments for negotiation excellence on the basis of Game, Auction and Negotiation Theory. In this way, you make yourself independent of external consultants and systematically pool negotiation competence in your own company. Our employees have many years of experience in building up Centers of Competences in industrial companies from the inside. We are happy to support you as a coach in the sense of a train-the-trainer and pass on our knowledge to you.

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