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Straightforward, professional, determined and completely driven by game theory - as a team we examine your negotiation situations, take them apart, turn the traditional and conventional upside down, develop new ideas and implement them. We love challenges, we think outside the box and provide impetus - always with an eye on the best possible negotiation result for our clients.

René Schumann

Managing Director

His passion is negotiating, purchasing is his professional home. Eight years of professional experience at Daimler AG and five years with renowned consulting firms honed his skills in purchasing and negotiation issues. The first time he came in contact with game theory was at a young age following a major contract award: Back then game theory was still a relatively unknown instrument, which captivated the young game theorist and influenced the outcome of the negotiations with enormous effect, while simultaneously generating a high level of acceptance among the negotiating partners. He has been a doctoral candidate on the subject of game-theoretical negotiation in threatening situations since 2012 and leads negotiation teams in large-scale negotiations on a daily basis.

>> Game theory is a way of thinking: It is used to analyse complex social structures and to develop the best possible approach. It enables us to systematically achieve the highest possible result.  <<

Stefan Oswald

Managing Director

Almost a decade of professional experience as a game theorist and internal consultant for companies such as Daimler, Philips and Eisenmann within a global purchasing environment shaped the experienced strategist early on, he gained his first insight into game theory while lecturing. He was lecturing about the prisoner's dilemma, the prime example of game theory. The manifold possibilities of applying this theory raised his enthusiasm and paved the way for his future career. Today he advises top companies, is a sought-after speaker for game theory and negotiation and is considered one of the top experts in game theory negotiation.

>> The fascinating thing about game theory is that it is one of the few scientific disciplines that deals with the behaviour of people on a mathematical basis. Although the models are abstract, many important conclusions can be drawn for practical use. <<

Our pool of experts

We are proud of our team. It consists of carefully selected professionals who have proven their excellence in numerous projects. We work with the highest efficiency for your negotiations and support you in your most important task: your company's success.

Alexander Bergmann

Senior Lead Negotiator

Since 2011 Alexander, trained in international business, has gained consultancy experience and he is now Senior Lead Negotiator at Kerkhoff Negotiations. His expertise is the application of game theory, mechanism design and auctions – supporting both sides of the negotiation table. As a passionate project leader and trainer he has gained experience in more than 50 projects with a negotiation volume of about €10b.

Patrick Becker

Senior Lead Negotiator

Enthusiastic about the successful combination of game theory and day-to-day procurement at Daimler AG, Patrick finalized his degree in economics with a focus on game theory at the two well-known universities of Mannheim and Munich. After gaining four years of negotiation expertise at Philips and more than 20 conducted high stake awardings, he now supports our clients as a Senior Lead Negotiator and trainer.

Katharina Weber

Senior Lead Negotiator

Since her first spectrum auction in 2013, Katharina is an enthusiastic game and auction theory expert. Next to up to date research on competition economics, she is especially passionate about supporting interactive trainings and supporting our clients in very complex awarding situations. After finalizing her Master of Science in economics and about five years work experience in a variety of international consultancies, she now is a senior manager at Kerkhoff Negotiatons.

Daniel Sadrinna

Senior Lead Negotiator

Already during his studies at the University of Mannheim Daniel set his focus on the areas game theory, auction theory and probability theory. Following the motto "Optimization and maximization of collective total benefit" the business mathematician develops action recommendations, mindsets and analysis possibilities for negotiations. He gathered experience with negotiation projects in the game theory team at Daimler AG. For him game theory stands for effectiveness, maximization of benefits, fairness and transparency.

André Hildmann

Lead Negotiator

During his studies in economics with a focus on competition policy, André became enthusiastic about game and auction theory. After completing his studies, he brought this knowledge to a variety of consulting projects with game theoretically optimized negotiations. In the meantime André has more than 5 years of experience in consulting and has advised and trained customers in various industries in procurement. The maxim of the game theoretical negotiation optimization: Clear & transparent rules, comparability and fairness are always of central importance for him.

Katherine Perez

Negotiation Expert

Since her studies in Management & Economics in Frankfurt and Stockholm, Katherine has focused on microeconomics. She has worked as a research assistant in experimental economics and behavioral economics. During her master thesis at the Stockholm School of Economics in Meachanism Design she advised an EU institution on the optimization of its internal processes. Since 2019, she has brought her enthusiasm for game theory to the team as a Negotiation Expert.

Stefan Schäfauer

Negotiation Analyst

Motivated from his intriguing experiences in the field of applied auction and game theory in procurement at Philip’s AG Inhouse Consultancy, he is supporting the team as a negotiation analyst. Before joining Kerkhoff Negotiations he studied economics with a focus on behavioral economics and applied game theory.


Gerd Kerkhoff

Stefanie Kerkhoff

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