We develop strategies and solutions for your most important and complex negotiations

>> We provide our clients with new and unconventional negotiation methods, So they can focus on what they really want. <<

So you can focus on what you really want

Do you play chess? Only too often negotiations are like chess moves. The world's elite intention is to foresee all possible moves and subsequent reactions by their counterparts. Should this mere intention suffice for your most complex and important negotiations? We believe it should not. That's why we conduct negotiations like chess computers. We analyse the entire negotiation process until the end only to then think back again to reliably identify your most beneficial moves. When we discover that a game cannot be won accordingly, we work on adapting the negotiation rules in such a way that our clients will achieve their required results, prior to making your first move.

How we work

Our client always comes first. Once we find out precisely what the problem is, we create the ideal solution. Because to negotiate successfully, you must approach the matter systematically. If you structure well the many parameters of a negotiation, you have a clear view of your goal without losing sight of it, independent of how hairy the actual negotiation may become.

What we offer in detail

  • Screenings to deduct areas of great potential and ensure optimal use of opportunities
  • Game theoretically optimized awardings in procurement, for direct and competition negotiations
  • Interactive trainings of a variety of complex (e.g. game theory, auction theory and behavioral economics) and basic result optimizing negotiation strategies and mechanisms

Our Scope of Service

  • We focus on A&B product groups in direct, indirect and CAPEX purchasing - for new project and serial price optimisation.
  • We ensure comparability of suppliers (Total Value of Ownership approach).
  • We prepare the negotiation and awarding designs.
  • We conduct stress tests and guarantee compliance with negotiation commitments.
  • We lead or support the communication with & training of your suppliers.
  • We implement the negotiation process.
  • We train procurement experts and personal from other disciplines in a wide variety of negotiation aspects.
  • We offer interactive trainings on game, negotiation and auction theory as well as their practical applications.
  • We coach the procurement staff purchasers in general and particularly critical negotiation situations (off and on the job).
  • We implement Mentoring Programs at our clients and thereby guarantee long-term knowledge transfer ("black belt system")

Our methodology

Game theory is our theoretical foundation and it allows even the most difficult negotiations to be led consistently to a successful outcome. We enrich this foundation with state-of-the-art techniques based on psychology and behavioural research. We are in close contact with the academic research community and draw on the latest scientific findings, which we implement purposefully in our customer projects. At our disposal we have a pool of analysis tools from a wide variety of disciplines at our sister companies. We continuosly draw on our experience as a trailblazer in purchasing, industry expertise and the foresight of knowing where to go. True to the motto: "Imagine what comes next."

One-time investments

Recurring Demands

Average Volume: 46 m EUR

Additional savings*: 11,0 % (5,1 m EUR)

Return on Consulting: 8

Average Volume: 26 m EUR

Additional savings*: 4,3 % (1,1 m EUR)

Return on Consulting: 6

*Compared to conventional negotiation

Your advantage at a glance

  • Lean back – with us you can negotiate without actively participating in an emotional negotiation situation. The suppliers negotiate with each other and you moderate the process as the arbitrator. You provide the elaborate rules, which we developed for you.
  • Shifting the pressure to negotiate onto suppliers supports the de-emotionalisation of the negotiation - the purchasing organisation sets the rules. The supplier base understands the transparency and will value the commitment to the approach. Eventually the suppliers will remove their negotiating buffers.
  • The analysis of the existing competitive structure before the start of negotiations guarantees an objective and effective negotiation process.
  • The variety of methods used in game and auction theory provides a comprehensive set of success-oriented levers that allow for the best sustainable results.

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