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Our employees have many years of negotiating experience and have proven their skills in numerous top international negotiations. They are sought-after experts in applying the current state of research to negotiations in corporate practice. Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Auction and Negotiation Theory as well as Psychology and Behavorial Economics form their methodical foundation.

René Schumann

He is passionate about negotiating, purchasing is his professional home. Eight years of professional experience at Daimler AG and five years at renowned consulting firms sharpened his eye for purchasing and negotiation issues. His first contact with game theory was at a major contract award in his early professional years: at that time a relatively unknown instrument, it inspired the young game theorist and influenced the outcome of negotiations with enormous impact - while at the same time being highly accepted by the negotiating partners. Since 2012, the optimization professional has been doing his doctorate on the topic of game theory-based negotiation in threatening situations and leads negotiation teams in major negotiations on a daily basis.

Stefan Oswald

Almost a decade of professional experience as a game theorist and internal consultant for the companies Daimler AG, Philips N.V. and Eisenmann SE in the global purchasing environment formed the experienced strategist early on, after the first impulses for game theoretical approaches had already been given in one of his first lectures. They dealt with the prisoner's dilemma, the prime example of game theory. The multifaceted application possibilities awakened his enthusiasm and paved the way for his future career. Today he advises top companies, is a sought-after speaker for game theory and negotiation and is considered one of the top luminaries in game theory negotiation.

Our pool of experts

We are proud of our team. It consists of carefully selected professionals who have proven their excellence in numerous projects. We work with the highest efficiency for your negotiations and support you in your most important task: your company's success.

Alexander Bergmann

Alexander studied business administration with focus on international management at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt. Since 2011 in consulting, he always had one project focus: applying Game Theory, Mechanism Design and auctions in context of price negotiations. The projects he was involved in, sum up to a double digit billion euros of negotiation volume. He is a member of Kerkhoff Negotiations since day 1.

Patrick Becker

Enthusiastic about the successful combination of Game Theory and Procurement practice at Daimler AG, Patrick finalized his degree in Economics with focus on Game Theory at the two well-known universities of Mannheim and Munich. After gaining four years of negotiation expertise at Philips N.V. and conducting numerous high stake awardings, he now supports our clients in their top negotiations.

Katharina Weber

Since her first spectrum auction in 2013, Katharina is an enthusiastic Game and Auction Theory expert. Besides research on Competition Economics, she is especially passionate about supporting interactive trainings and supporting our clients in complex awarding situations. After finalizing her Master of Science in Economics and experience in several international consultancies, she now is at Kerkhoff Negotiatons.

Daniel Sadrinna

Already during his studies at the University of Mannheim Daniel set his focus on the areas Game Theory, Auction Theory and Probability Theory. Following the motto "Optimization and maximization of collective total benefit" the business mathematician develops action recommendations, mindsets and possibilities of analyses for negotiations. He gathered experience with negotiation projects in the Game Theory team at Daimler AG.

Gian-Marco Kokott

As an internal consultant for Game Theory in procurement at Robert Bosch GmbH, Gian-Marco supervised numerous awarding projects. In his doctoral thesis he investigated combinatorial procurement auctions and the implementation of multiple-source strategies in procurement mechanisms. In addition to game-theoretical negotiation optimization, he uses his knowledge for quantitative analyses in procurement.

André Hildmann

During his studies in Economics with a focus on Competition Policy, André became enthusiastic about Game and Auction Theory. After completing his studies, he brought this knowledge to a variety of consulting projects with game theoretically optimized negotiations. In the meantime, André worked in consulting for many years and has advised and trained customers in various industries in procurement.

Ziynet Melikoglu

Ziynet gained extensive practical experience as Purchasing Manager for Turkey at Bayer AG and during numerous other management positions in various countries. With great success and motiviation, Ziynet brings to the Kerkhoff Negotiations team her many years of negotiation experience and cross-cultural expertise in complex cross-national negotiation projects.

Andreas Mildner

Since more than 20 years Andreas is leading negotiations. As a trainer he helps to gain advantage and to win a negotiation. With his ability to adapt different negotiation styles on his counterpart and to exploit psychological patterns, Andreas solves deadlocked negotiation situations. This makes him especially in bilateral negotiations, where a lot is on stake, a valuable adviser.

Katherine Perez

Since her studies in Management & Economics in Frankfurt and Stockholm, Katherine has focused on Microeconomics. She has worked as a research assistant in Experimental Economics and Behavioral Economics. During her master thesis at the Stockholm School of Economics in Mechanism Design she advised an EU institution on the optimization of its internal processes. Since 2019, she is bringing her enthusiasm for Game Theory to the team of Kerkhoff Negotiations.


Gerd Kerkhoff

Stefanie Kerkhoff

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